Welcome to The Sentinel & Rural News

The first issue of 'The Sentinel & Rural News" is now on news stands throughout the community.

The first issue of ‘The Sentinel & Rural News” is now on news stands throughout the community.

As the old expression goes, Travis Rogers, Jr., Judy Vollrath, and Nicole Shattuck have done themselves proud. The first issue of The Sentinel & Rural News hit the news stands throughout the Owen-Withee area last evening. The new local newspaper will be published every Tuesday morning.

And they accomplished this major feat in just four short weeks. Rogers, Jr., Vollrath, and Shattuck lost their jobs with the local newspaper on Friday, February 28, when a new owner took over the O-W Enterprise. Rather than returning to their old jobs under the new ownership, they decided to take the bold step of starting their own newspaper.

Travis Rogers, Jr., Judy Vollrath, and Nicole Shattuck. Missing from photo: Kris Leonhardt.

Travis Rogers, Jr., Judy Vollrath, and Nicole Shattuck. Missing from photo: Kris Leonhardt.

And what a newspaper it is! There are 20 pages in the first issue, chock full of local news, locally written. There are no “filler” articles downloaded from the Internet. Of course, Judy and Nicole will have their usual columns, now retitled “Keeping up with Judy” (good luck with that idea!) and “Sunny Side Up” (from Nicole, everyone’s favorite “chicken lady”). Travis, a hard-core music lover, especially of all things jazz-related, finally has a column about music.

The shelf price of The Sentinel is $1, and subscriptions are available by calling or visiting the office or by going to their web site.

Here are the particulars for ordering your personal subscription to the new newspaper:

The Sentinel & Rural News

PO Box 415

218 N. Central Avenue

Owen, WI 54460

E-mail address for news, ads, sales, and accounts:


Web site, where you can order and pay for subscriptions securely via Paypal:


Facebook page:


Mail subscription rates are as follows:

Clark and Taylor counties: $32 per year

All other Wisconsin counties, Illinois, Iowa, and Minnesota: $37 per year

All other states in the U.S.: $42 per year

From now through April 30, the Sentinel & Rural News is offering special subscription deals. Call or stop in the office to find out more.


12 Responses to Welcome to The Sentinel & Rural News

  1. Carol Boie says:

    I am happy to have found your Webb sight. Look forward to reading about high school sports and other unbiased news !! YOU GO GIRL Bailey n Kole’s Grma

    • Linda Wyeth says:

      Hi Carol, I am hoping to get up to speed and working on the sports part of the web site either later this week or early next week. I have to admit I am a little bit worried about that part of the site, though. Coming from an all-girl family and the days before girls’ sports, I am very ignorant of most sports. But if the coaches supply me with the material, I will certainly be happy to put the information out there for everyone. And who knows? I might learn something myself!

  2. Linda_Newshound says:

    Thanks, Harry! I certainly have my work cut out for me. My next new story will be on the website in the morning — about this afternoon’s school board reorganization meeting. I am so glad I had my tape recorder going. It was… interesting and revealing. And the beat goes on!

  3. Harry Mitchell says:

    Welcome, a great information alternative and will support your efforts!

  4. Thanks, Sue. I AM enjoying myself, for the most part. I am still working on adding more content and “playing” with different settings and options. Getting feedback is always important, too. What do people want? What do they NOT like? Etc.

  5. Al G says:

    Great to have an alternative. How do we go about getting you information and articles?

    • Linda_Newshound says:

      Thanks, Al. For now, the best way to get information to me is via my old, old e-mail address — lindawyeth@yahoo.com. I will also get my website e-mail going soon, but my brain is so overloaded right now with getting the mechanics of the site running smoothly that I am sticking with something that I know works for me! By the way, I will not be offended if people want to use both my website and the local paper to get their “stuff” out to the widest possible audience. After all, the website is still a largely untried medium!

  6. Sue Ackerman says:

    Thank you very much for sharing your passion with the rest of us, Linda! I feel so fortunate to have stumbled upon this site. I LOVE IT! I will visit you daily, at least. I will now share this with my neighbors, friends and family. Thank you, and I look forward to further enjoying, learning and being entertained with your offerings. Best wishes, Linda, and I hope you get as much out of it as you’re putting into it.

  7. Barby Serocki says:

    Thank you, Linda! I am excited to have an additional source of information in the Owen-Withee area and look forward to following the local news via your web site. As a teacher, it is lovely to see such nice coverage on your site as you include the EDUCATION link. Thank you for keeping us up to date!

    • Linda_Newshound says:

      Thanks, Barby. This is turning out to be a labor of love for me, as well as a challenge. As you will read elsewhere on the site, I am passionate about local government and news. My feeling is that by covering as much as I can manage, I will attract more readers. And I have so many ideas!

  8. Dale Niemi says:

    Discovered your website by word of mouth. Cruised around it and I like it. It reports the news and then lets the reader arrive at their own conclusions, the way news is suppose to be. Walter Cronkite would be proud of you. ” And that’s the way it is. ”
    Keep up the good work because I’m telling other people about.
    Make me look good. lol

    • Linda_Newshound says:

      Dale, thanks so much for the positive feedback. This is such a massive undertaking, and I am making mistakes right and left. So it’s nice to get an “attaboy”!

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