Spring finally cooperates for the junior high track team

by Chad Eichstadt

The O-W Junior High Track Team has successfully completed their 2013 track season. The 30 track team members set out to continuously improve their performances as the season progressed.

After spending the first four weeks practicing in the hallways and lobby – whatever happened to the rule “no running in the halls”? –  the team was able to compete at an indoor track in Neillsville. It was a pleasure to be able to finally compete in events, and the Owen-Withee team competed very well indeed. The boys’ team placed second, and the girls’ team third in the indoor meet.

The other track meets of the season were outside, and the weather was very agreeable for those nights. The team traveled to Colby and Auburndale on April 29 and 30, and rounded out the season with a meet in Thorp on May 13.

Front, L-R: Dalton Matkovich, Brandon Lampman, Derek Hubbard, Andrew Petke, Kallie Falteisek, Tanisha Tischer, Samantha Nelson, Preston Shelton.
Middle: Eric Cerven, Alex Dunnivent, Joey Dombroski-Carpenter, Marcus Ackerman, Jen Wendler, Ana Capetillo, Claudia Mertens, Jarin Mertens.
Top: Coach Klapatauskas, Mackenzie Person, Luke Wehrman, Martha Gonzalez, Katie Schmelzer, Joe Stratton, Megan Funk, Josiah Goerlitz, Megan Simington, Erica Arndt, Joseph Ackerman, Brittany Schawrk, Marlin Pogodozinski, Cody Funk, Coach Eichstadt, Fide Lopez.

Congratulations to all members of the track team on a successful and enjoyable season!

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